Some people can't afford a concert ticket. Also it's not always easy to enter a big venue where maybe you've never been before. But this doesn't mean that music can't provide a meaningful break or some comfort.

After the deferred coffees, the citizen's initiative Enchanté offers deferred concert tickets for those in need.

How does it work?

  • You buy a deferred 'Enchanté' ticket or add the tickets to your shopping cart
  • The Handelsbeurs collects all the tickets for those in need.
  • Enchanté communicates the music programme to their members via ambassadors and social partners such as 'OCMW', psychiatric institutions, homeless organizations et al.
  • Their members can ask for a suspended ticket at the box office, for any concert of their choise. 

The citizens' initiative Enchanté is a network of traders and citizens who offer small services to those who need it. From a glass of water to a cup of coffee, from a haircut at the hairdresser to a place to rest for a while.

Enchanté wants to lower barriers, demolish social walls and make Ghent a home for everyone.