I ordered tickets but did not receive a ticket mail

You should normally receive your ticket mail immediately after your purchase.

  • Check your spam folder for a mail from Tickets Gent.
  • Contact us via info@handelsbeurs.be or send us a private message via Facebook and the mail will be resent.

How do I log on the very first time?

Once you know how, it's simple.

Make sure you have a good Internet connection

  • Check your Wi-Fi connection: it’s crucial for the live stream.
  • Play it safe and connect your device to your network via a cable (LAN). 

Watching via Smart TV or a Chromecast?

A direct connection via cable to your television (e.g. HDMI) is more stable than a connection via wireless internet or a chromecast.

Some tips for watching via a chromecast*

  • Use a laptop or PC. iPhones and iPads often have no direct option for communicating with a chromecast.
  • Preferably use Google Chrome as a browser. Use an up-to-date version. (download available here)
  • Start the live stream in your browser.
  • At the top right, click 'the icon with 3 dots' and then choose 'Cast' from the menu.
  • You can now cast the live stream tab to your device.

*Not all combinations of devices (mobile phone/computer/streaming devices such as a chromecast) are able to show the image on your television. So it's best to check in advance that your browser appears on your TV.

Request assistance

If something doesn't work, the Handelsbeurs team is here to help.

Check out the tips below, depending on when your issue arises.