2021 - throwback

In 2021, the Handelsbeurs will continue to focus on ambitious live streams. We look beyond the classical concert registration, with creative collaborations between band and director.

Karen Willems - ‘Terre Sol Four’ on January 18th

Cram Ration on January 30th

An Pierlé Quartet: 'Wiga Waga' (albumrelease) on February 10th

Bright Lights Sessions #9 on February 24th

Jiraan on February 27th

Zonzo Compagnie: Farfelu (5+) on February 19th

Foyer Matinee: Myrddin en Imre De Cauter on March 21st

Zwerm: 'Great Expectations' on March 29th

Merope ft. Harmen Fraanje & Toma Gouband on January 15th

Inside Out: What I feel is what you get on January 23rd

Allez, Chantez! * Each month

Foyer Matinee: Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė on February 21st

HAST: 'Ubi Sunt' (ep-release) on February 25th

Ellen Schoenaerts: 'Vrijblijvend advies' on March 10th

Parcoeur (6+) on March 20th

Liesa Van der Aa: 'Easy Alice' (albumrelease) on March 23rd

More online concerts?

There are numerous culture partners at the Sound of Ghent platform.