2020 - throwback

Looking back at the year 2020, a sigh escapes us. What a year. One in which we tried to weather the pandemic storm together.

At the Handelsbeurs, the entire team stepped into the breach to set up live stream productions, each concert with its own creative concept, atmosphere and direction.

Here is an overview of some of those online concerts. See you next year for more of that!

    Kosmo Sound: 'Antenna' (albumrelease) on November 27th

    Eros & Thanatos on December 10th

    Nordmann (album release) on October 31st

    Tuur Florizoone (album release) & Simon Segers on November 5th

    Wasdaman on November 9th

    Botanical Bodies on December 8th

    Laïla Amezian & Les Sheikhs Shikhats on December 12th

    Denk Zorg (debate) on December 15th

    More online concerts?

    There are numerous culture partners at the Sound of Ghent platform.