Handelsbeurs Corona proof

Safely attending concerts at Handelsbeurs

The Handelsbeurs is reopening its doors to provide some musical delights. The COVID-19 precautionary measures ensure everyone has an agreeable concert experience. 

To summarise

  • Everyone registers by bubble and is thus assigned a seat
  • You sit next to each other with a maximum of four people, with 1 empty chair between the bubbles
  • There are no empty rows between visitors
  • The hall has an excellent ventilation system that continually refreshes the air. 
  • Enjoy your concert practising social distancing and wearing a face mask, unless for children under 12 years old.
  • After the concert the bar at the foyer is open. You sit with max. four persons per table.

      These rules will change to reflect government guidelines and are compiled in accordance with the Professional Arts Sectoral guide.

      On the day of the concert

        • Arrive on time because concerts start punctually. Don’t forget your face mask. 
        • Please enter the building with your bubble.
        • Disinfect your hands. You will find columns on which disinfecting alcohol and/or soap is available in virtually every room.
        • Follow the circulation route and respect the instructions issued by our staff.
        • Always maintain a 1.5 metre distance from other concertgoers. Once seated, a distance of one meter is calculated, measured from heart to heart.
        • Take your coat with you to your seats. Due to corona, the cloakroom is closed.
        • We are counting on everyone to act responsibly. Stay home if you feel sick. 

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      If the capacity is reduced again by the government, tickets will be refunded as usual. The principle of first come, first served applies here. So you have the best chance of being able to come to the concert if you ordered first.