Handelsbeurs Corona proof

The Handelsbeurs is reopening its doors to musical delights. Under the current government corona policy, the following house rules will apply as of October 1, 2021. We operate under two scenarios, without and with Covid Safe.

Admission without Covid Safe

  • This applies to most concerts.
  • We make use of our excellent ventilation system, equipped with CO2 meters.
  • Mouth masks are not required.
  • The free checkroom is reopened.
  • The bar is open again. Drinks are allowed in the hall at club and standing concerts.

Access with Covid Safe

  • In the entire building mouth masks are not mandatory.

Attention: no Covid Safe Ticket means no access to the event, even if you have a valid ticket.

These are all the concerts with Covid Safe Control

  • 21.10 Allez, Chantez! * oktober
  • 02.11 SUWI / support: Patches
    • 05.11 Mauro Pawlowski / support: Hi Hawaii
    • 06.11 Millionaire / support: mattiasdecraene
    • 08.11 DIRK.
    • 09.11 Compact Disk Dummies / support: LYDMOR
    • 10.11 Mooneye
    • 25.11 Allez, Chantez! * november
    • 03.12 Jan Swerts
    • 07.12 Meskerem Mees
    • 10.12 Dans Dans
    • 11.12 STUFF.
    • 17.11 Istanbul Ekspres: Duman
    • 16.12 Allez, Chantez! * december

    These rules change according to governmental guidelines and are established according to the Professional Arts Sector Guide. In addition, the venue has been subject to additional scrutiny and approval according to the COVID Infrastructure Risk Model (CIRM).

    Keep it safe

    • We count on each person's sense of responsibility. Are you feeling ill or showing symptoms? Or came in contact with someone who is sick? If so, stay home.
    • Do you belong to a high-risk group? Consult with your doctor about what is safe for you.
    • You can still find pillars of disinfecting alcohol and/or soap in almost every room. 
    • Cough or sneeze into the inside of your elbow.

    Still have questions? Talk to the staff or contact them in advance at info@handelsbeurs.be.

    On the day of the concert

      • Arrive on time because concerts start punctually. Don’t forget your face mask. 
      • Please enter the building with your bubble.
      • Disinfect your hands. You will find columns on which disinfecting alcohol and/or soap is available in virtually every room.
      • Follow the circulation route and respect the instructions issued by our staff.
      • Always maintain a 1.5 metre distance from other concertgoers. Once seated, a distance of one meter is calculated, measured from heart to heart.
      • Take your coat with you to your seats. Due to corona, the cloakroom is closed.
      • We are counting on everyone to act responsibly. Stay home if you feel sick. 


    If the capacity of the venue is reduced due to governmental reasons, tickets will be refunded as usual. The principle of first come, first served applies here.

    So you have the best chance of attending the concert if you are among the first to order.

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