The Milk Factory (cd-release) / Broken Shadows with Tim Berne & Chris Speed


At a time of murderous tempos, the Milk Factory sextet from Ghent offers a moment to catch your breath. They will be performing their debut album. 

Broken Shadows brings together four American greats in a very personal tribute to several of their influences, who include Ornette Coleman and Charlie Haden.

"The band’s exis­tence is due to the easy camaraderie between Berne and Speed, the nearly lifelong musical conversation that Bad Plus bandmates King and Anderson have enjoyed, and the multiple connections they have with the now deceased jazz masters whose music they’ll explore."

Promoters are billing the upcoming Vancouver debut of Broken Shadows as a tribute to the great jazz composer Ornette Coleman—and, in a way, it is.


Photo © Wes Orshoski

Extra info

The Milk Factory
Edmund Lauret (guitar), Thijs Troch (piano), Viktor Perdieus (tenor saxophone), Jan Daelman (flute), Kobe Boon (double bass), Benjamin Elegheert (drums)
Broken Shadows
Tim Berne (alto saxophone), Chris Speed (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Reid Anderson (double bass), Dave King (drums)

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