The Colorist Orchestra ft. Gabriel Rios / support: Keto

pop / rock / songs

The Colorist Orchestra have a principle that’s as simple as it is brilliant. They give a completely new and individual sound to existing songs using homemade instruments. This time they are inviting Gabriel Rios to join them. Much-loved songs and old favourites get a complete and dazzling make-over. 

Support: Keto

It was the voice that first did it for me: slightly cracked and reaching back into the past, yet without a hint of affectation. Imagine Shirley Collins as a young 20-something from Nottingham, dazzled and disturbed in equal parts by the perpetual mysteries of love and life.


Photo © Michael Sewandono

An organisation of Democrazy and Handelsbeurs Concert Hall


20h15 Keto
21h00 The Colorist Orchestra & Gabriel Rios

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