Stadt / Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat / Radial Sequence (Autumn Falls)

pop / rock / songs

Autumn Falls is the yearly indoor festival of booker Toutpartout. It's an exciting line-up of fresh talent, mixed with seasoned veterans, on stage for a whole month. Find out more on


Though the temptation is there to compare Radial Sequence to an early acid-freak mind like Syd Barret, the songs feel more controllable and easy listening than the spaced-out guitar mirror. They bear a stronger resemblance with Hawkwind-like loop passages with an injection of 90's Britpop song writing skills, Tame Impala guitar sonicness and Thom Yorke's ghost floating through the vocals. Full of hypnotic textures that give off a wide depth and melodies that tumble through space, it has its own laws of gravity and is ready to take your car from the ground after a long drive.

Sure, there can be a comparison to countless groups and scenes that seek out the perfect tube amps, worn out microphones and vintage drum kits in order to recreate a golden age of music. Radial Sequence proves far more exciting because, by maximizing the use of the available technology and new music, they tap into the progressive and experimental spirit of psychedelic pop, and not just the sound.

Their upcoming EP is planned to be released soon.


Stadt is the story of 4 seasoned, through and through musicians. After long trips through various musical settings and stylistic landscapes they have once again found each other with the formation of their new group Stadt.

Their debute album Kind of Diversion mixes indie-rock with a small cloud of psychedelia and allows it to swell through the streets. You’ll be taken aback hearing Stadt, because behind that seemingly quiet city square lies a screeching boulevard full of traffic where sounds truly spring loose and burst open.


The year zero was 2012 when Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat released Weltuntergangsstimmung incorporating drummachines, synths and chorused guitars. A new world of sound synthesis opened up for Stef Heeren and the use of old analog electronic gear pushed the band's sound away from the drone folk scene yet remaining true to the original anus recipe. Whereas Weltuntergangsstimmung obviously celebrated 80'ies darkwave, it's successor To Live Vicariously searched for a more subtle harmony between past and present. Leaving a bigger mark by the other members; the album came together as a band concept, working over a year before hitting the studio, where the band layed down the core of the tracks in a live take.

Real acoustic drums, sequenced analog synths and other electronic machinery and noise guitar bursts are the musical trademarks of the record. To Live Vicariously means not living your live yourself but through the experiences of others and when it's record cover is depicting a photo of the Paris Commune in 1871, a leftist's revolutionary uprising, it seems that KTAOABC are returning to it's roots by really evoking the punk ethos!

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