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New super band with debut album

The new super band Rapidman is made up of strong and experienced personalities who can be heard at Nordmann, Flat Earth Society, Arno, HAST and Arsenal, among others. They now present their debut.

Wind players Rob Banken and Peter Delannoye (Kleptomatics) laid the foundation and were soon joined by Dries Geusens and Matthias De Waele. They had already started the quaratet with a multi-faceted style consisting of jazz, rock influences and experimental tones. In short, a sound that was both burly and layered. Everything fell into place with the arrival of fifth man Mirko Banovic on electronics.

This is the kind of band that can show you all the corners of the room without losing control, constantly make you feel like something is happening, zhile delivering bursting energy, lyricism and catchy melodies, seamlessly blending the jazz tradition with diverse contemporary sounds. That future starts now!

Melting Pot

Put together artists from all over Europe on stage and see what happens. That was the premise of Melting Pot. It became a hit. Since 2013, artists from different fields have come together in a European metropolis for a rehearsal period with a grand finale. Then the Melting Pot Band goes on tour.

Five cultural partners each provide an artist for this: the Handelsbeurs, Victoria scene from Oslo, the Saalfelden Jazz festival in Austria, the Jazz fest Berlin and the Jazztopad festival in Poland.

The names of the participating musicians will be announced later, but it promises to be an exciting course.

Photo © Pull Over Prorographs


Rob Banken (alto sax), Peter Delannoye (trombone), Dries Geusens (bass), Matthias De Waele (drums), Mirko Banovic (electronics)

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