Istanbul Exspres: Electric Yolda / Ayyuka / BaBa ZuLa

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Drummer Karen Willems and guitarist Stijn Dickel met up with electronica duo Barkin Engin and Burak Tamer (Reverie Falls on All) in Istanbul. They immediately hit if off. The sessions during which they explored each other’s boundaries resulted in spiced post-rock, tightly woven soundscapes and melodies that take you on a journey through the cafés and nightlife of Beyoglu.

Soaring over the rhythmic tapestry of percussions created by Karen Willems, the subtle guitar chords and electronic sounds will deliver musical fireworks. Read more about their musical adventure on

Karen Willems (drums), Stijn Dickel (guitar), Barkin Egin (guitar, elektronica), Burak Tamer (guitar, elektronica)



All packed and ready, in the car and on the way. Ayyuka delivers layered psychedelic rock and the perfect soundtrack for a road trip through Anatolia. Taking on the legacy of Erkin Koray and Baris Manco, these four powerful musicians are leading today’s Turkish Anatolian psychedelic rock scene.

As befits a young band, alongside their Turkish heroes of the 1970s, they draw their style from a wide pool of influences, including Marc Ribot, Tom Waits and the Beastie Boys. With its smooth guitar riffs, bluesy drums and driving bass line, Sömestr, their third album, is a tasty mix.

Ozgur Yilmaz (guitar, vocals), Altan Sebuktekin (bass), Ahmet Kul (guitar), Alican Tezer (drums)



BaBa ZuLa is a fixed value, on the international music scene as well as in Istanbul’s alternative club circuit. The band sets oriental influences and instruments like the darbuka and the electric saz alongside modern beats and electronics. This 'Oriental Dub' is an alternative mix drawing inspiration from psyhedelic rock-'n’-roll, reggae and dubs as well as from the musical traditions of former generations in Istanbul.

Their live performances are a unique experience for their fans. Their psych-trance-turko-rock – accompanied by belly dancers – will get you dancing all the way to cloud nine.

Osman Murat Ertel (electric saz, electronic sounds, vocals), Mehmet Levent Akman (electronic sounds, wooden spoons), Özgür Çakirlar (percussion, darbuka), Melike Şahin (vocals), Periklis Tsoukalas (electric oud)

This concert is taking place in the context of Istanbul Ekspres, a festival with a Turkish theme organised in cooperation with De Centrale.

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