Foyer Soiree: 1000 with Bart Maris et al.

contagious, subdued

Jazz and national anthems

After five records and concerts around the world, the jazz quartet 1000 comes with a brand new project: 1000 anthems to work on a good end

Last year the idea of developing a new repertoire based on national anthems broached for the first time. The fact that an anthem is a point of reference for a whole nation makes an interpretation of such a melody recognizable for everybody. 


If you take Mauricio Kagel's composition '10 Marches to Miss the Victory' for example, you can see how populist elements can be used for very subtle manipulation. 

Karlheinz Stockhausen called national anthems "the most popular music you can conceive of." The fact that many anthems sound alike is primarily rooted in historical reasons, but there are also many hymns that possess a very different character.

1000 is/are a consistently interesting quartet that keep evolving and getting better with each release.

Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

The creativity of the band continues to be a hallmark as its members play off each other and go out on individual excursions that are shaped by nuggets of surprise.

Jerry D’Souza

photo © Geert Vandepoele


Bart Maris (trumpet), Jan Klare (reeds), Marta Warelis (vibraphone), Wilbert de Joode (bass)

within the framework of

Foyer Soirée

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