Foyer Matinee: Istanbul Solistleri

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At this intimate ‘aperitif concert’, the leading Turkish chamber orchestra Istanbul Solistleri will masterfully revive Ottoman classical music. For the occasion, the top soloists have selected a repertoire from the influential 19th century composer Cemil Bey.

In truth, with one of Turkey’s leading ney and tanbur soloists, a young master of the classic kemençe with a penchant for improvisation, and an oud player labelled as “one of the most accomplished players in the world”, you can be assured of a magical concert.

Dr. Murat Salim Tokaç (tanbur), Derya Türkan (kemençe), Yurdal Tokcan (oud), Mesut Serkan Halili (qanun), Fahrettin Yarkın (percussion)

This concert comes under Istanbul Ekspres, a music festival organised in cooperation with De Centrale. It is also part of the Foyer Matinee, a series of aperitif concerts that take place every third Sunday of the month during the flower market.

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