Drawing Basses for young ears (6+)

classical, jazz
for kids (6+)

Draw compositions with Young Ears from 6 years old at 2 pm. Read more.

Draw your own compositions

At Drawing Basses you become the composer who determines what will be played. Not by calling out requests, but by supplying the score yourself. Crayons, markers and paper are at the ready; spontaneity is the keyword.

Three double bass players then translate these spontaneous drawings into music. At any time, one of the musicians can choose a new drawing, display it and perform it together with the other musicians.

Graphic score?

Visual scores are not at all uncommon in contemporary music. They were introduced by composers who were looking for other ways to notate music. Not necessarily with staves, but with colors and shapes. This not only gives the performer more freedom, but also allows the composer to use a completely different form of creativity.

Creativity and freedom

In short: everyone contributes to the concert in their own way, and you don't have to be an expert for that. You experience how different disciplines can shape each other, and how surprised you will be to hear the result.

Exciting and spontaneous, this is making music in its most accessible and collective form and ... you go home with your first graphic score.


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