Denk Zorg: 'Vulnerability'


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Thinkers of today on the health of tomorrow

Denk Zorg is a series of polyphonic performances that bring sharp thinkers together on stage.

Healthcare providers, scientists, opinion makers and artists analyze the medical-ethical dilemmas in human life and confront us with the big questions of our time. In words, music and images.

This edition

How do we manage to live as if we were immortal and ignore our vulnerability? Until an accident, illness or other disasters throw our entire existence into jeopardy.

In Think Care #6 we reflect on the vulnerability of patients and care providers, but also on the fragility of being human.

Is mildness a cure for the fragility of life? Does it help us to talk about mistakes and shortcomings? Should we keep our vulnerability at bay or embrace it? Anyone who thinks from the point of view of vulnerability sees the world differently.

With guests

  • Connie Palmen studied Dutch and philosophy and made her debut in 1991 with The Laws, a novel that immediately made her one of the most widely read and beloved authors in the Netherlands. Palms has built up a large and close-knit oeuvre, in which novels and collections of essays alternate. Her novels have a strong philosophical dimension, her essays are sparkling and literary in style. She is a master at analyzing seemingly opposing concepts, such as mind and body, fiction and reality, real and unreal.
  • Emergency doctor Cathelijne Lyphout experiences every day how vulnerable we are when our fate unexpectedly lands in the hands of a stranger. The hectic Emergency Service of UZ Gent strives for kindness and connection with the patients who are having a hard time.
  • Kurt Audenaert is professor of psychiatry at Ghent University and psychiatrist at UZ Gent. He is interested in emotional and cognitive processes in relation to neurobiology, both in research and in the treatment of patients. In this context, there is a long tradition of research in humans and animals with impulsive and aggressive behaviour.
  • Bert Vanderhaegen is a priest and chief chaplain at UZ Gent. As a bioethicist, he is involved in Medical Ethics Committees in various hospitals and residential care centers. Man is a god in the depths of his thoughts, but in reality, vulnerability is the great constant in everyone's life. That is a fundamental truth that is often misunderstood.
  • Live music: Jan Swerts is a composer-pianist with a slightly obsessive penchant for melancholy. His black bile produced silent albums such as Anatomy of Melancholy and Schaduwland. At the end of 2021 Handelsbeurs presented the release of his fourth album Oud Zeer in which the singer-songwriter reminded the public in a masterly way, of the comforting fact that we will soon never be there again. He wrote two books about his own vulnerabilities, together with journalist Lander Deweer. A diver on Mars (2018), about the limits of normality and The Last Silence (2020), about our most precious commodity that is in danger of extinction. But above all, he tries – with the courage of despair – to train linguistically strong and culture-loving teachers at the teacher training program of UC Leuven-Limburg.

An atmospheric throwback to a previous edition of Denk Zorg:

An initiative of UZ Gent, in collaboration with Handelsreizigers in Ideeën and Handelsbeurs Concert Hall.
photo © Koen Meiresonne


Op podium
Connie Palmen (schrijver), Cathelijne Lyphout (spoedarts UZ Gent), Kurt Audenaert (psychiater UZ Gent) en Bert Vanderhaegen (hoofdaalmoezenier UZ Gent) / Live muziek: Jan Swerts.
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