De Manen Opzij ◉ livestream

pop / rock / songs, world music

This is an online event.With your ticket you can (re)watch the concert up to two days after the event.

Between dream and reality

In the saga of Paardje Malegijs, three girls are seduced by a fabulously beautiful horse. It takes them on a two-day trip where the line between dream and reality is completely blurred.

In the project De Manen Opzij, this is translated by four musicians from different music scenes, from impro-folk over tribal jazz to sludge metal. They are active in numerous projects, including mOthA, CHVE, Amenra and MDC III.

Armed with a unique set of instruments, they alternate drawn-out improvisations with intense punches of chaotic drum rolls, fuzzy bass drones, distorted hurdy-gurdy and exotic wind instruments. Dancer Nele De Baets - Lemmens floats like a ghost through the visual elements and the sound.

photo © Maarten Marchau
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De Manen Opzij
Colin H. Van Eeckhout (hurdy-gurdy, bass, percussion, voice), Thomas Hoste (hurdy-gurdy, electronics), Maarten Marchau (traverso, bagpipes, electronics), Simon Segers (drums), Laetitia Sonck, Maarten Marchau (visuals), Colin H. Van Eeckhout (lyrics), Nele De Baets - Lemmens (performance)

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