Autumn Falls 2014: Dawn of Midi, Jozef Van Wissem, Xylorius White

pop / rock / songs


At first sight, Dawn of Midi, might seem like just any other jazz trio. But there’s so much more to their sound. Influenced by a broad range of styles, from electronic music, to classics like Glass, Reich and Adams, and even Moroccan polyrhythms, they bring surprisingly danceable ‘minimal’. The band has evolved from a loose collective of improvisers to a disciplined, sleek group. Within the space of the past two years, they recorded all of their 150 rehearsals. And from this material they selected the very best to feature on their debut album, Dysnomia (2013, Thirsty Ear Label).

"Something totally unprecedented!" - Pitchfork
"Brain-bending, seemingly impossible…" - Rolling Stone


Xylouris White is a collaboration between two grandmasters of contemporary music. Drummer Jim White built up a reputation as founder of the 1990s’, critically acclaimed Australian trio Dirty Three and is a musical acquaintance of PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, White Magic, Bonnie Prince Billy and Cat Power. He is joined on stage by the pride of the isle of Crete: star-lutenist Giorgos Xylouris, son of the famous Cretan singer and lyra-virtuoso Psaragiorgis.

Together, these seasoned hipsters create a new, mesmerizing blend of melody and rhythm, building on their unequalled experience and diverse influences.


How do you put a contemporary spin on an almost-forgotten instrument from the Middle Ages? Dutch lutenist and composer Jozef van Wissem found a way. Van Wissem knows his way around the music scene. He recorded numerous albums with famous record labels like Important Records and Sacred Bones, starred on several international tours, and was asked to compose music for several movies and even for the computer game franchise The Sims.

Operating from his home base in New York, van Wissem travels the world. His rock band Sqürl offers him a welcome alternation from his minimal lute play. In 2013, he won the Soundtrack Award at the Film Festival of Cannes, for his music in the Jim Jarmush film Only lovers left alive. As you can see: van Wissem truly is a jack-of-all-trades. It goes without saying that his show at Handelsbeurs is eagerly awaited by many.


This year, booking agency Toutpartout celebrates its twentieth anniversary. And that’s why this year’s edition of its Autumn Falls festival breaks free from its traditional setting in Brussels. The proven concept, however, remains the same: an exciting line-up of fresh talent, mixed with seasoned veterans, on stage for a whole month!

The opening night is scheduled for the 28th of October in Antwerp (Trix), with an especially festive closing night set for the 5th of December in Ghent, spread across two venues: Vooruit and Handelsbeurs.

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