Alex Simu Quintet: ‘Echoes of Enescu’ / John Ghost (cd-release)


In the setting of a quintet, the clarinettist Alex Simu brings the work of the legendary Romanian composer George Enescu to life. Jazz meets classical. John Ghost is one of the young Belgian bands that seamlessly merges jazz, rock and groove. They will be presenting their new album.

Extra info

Alex Simu Quintet
Alex Simu (clarinets, arrangements), George Dumitriu (viola, guitar), Franz von Chossy (piano), Mattia Magatelli (bass), Kristijan Krajnčan (cello, drums)
John Ghost
Rob Banken (reeds), Wim Segers (vibraphone), Jo De Geest (guitaar, compositions), Karel Cuelenaere (keys), Lieven Van Pée (bass), Elias Devoldere (drums)

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