Hiring Handelsbeurs

Looking for a venue for your event? Handelsbeurs Concert Hall is suitable for all kinds of events: seminars, exhibitions, conferences, concerts, theatre and film performances, music recordings, press conferences, lectures, receptions, workshops...

The historical building hides a unique, advanced theatre engineering infrastructure with a dual purpose layout: either as an auditorium or in a planar arrangement. Your event is in the capable hands of a professional production and technical team.

More information: wolf.raman@handelsbeurs.be, +32 (0)9 265 91 70.

Concert hall

Size: 17m x 26m
Capacity: 380 seats or 750 standing places
Either as an auditorium or in a planar arrangement

Meeting rooms

Size: 10m x 5,2m
Capacity: 24 seat or 24 standing places

Size: 9m x 4m
Capacity: 14 seat or standing places


Size: 11m x 30m
Capacity: 120 seats or 380 standing places
with full bar, a rear foyer and terrace

Additional facilities

  • Three multipurpose lodges with kitchen, toilet, shower, wifi
  • Equipped cloakroom and reception space
  • Underground parking in front of the venue
  • Brasserie Ha' is exclusive catering partner


Handelsbeurs is located in the heart of Ghent.

Interested to rent the Handelsbeurs?

More information: wolf.raman@handelsbeurs.be , +32 (0)9 265 91 70.