Turkish music festival

Turkish Indie pop, Anatolian psychedelic rock,... Listen to the programme of Istanbul Ekspres.

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Wed 14.11 at De Centrale

  • Eda Baba delicate Turkish songs / singersong writer
  • Can Bobomo energetic pop music / known from the Eurovision Song Contest

Thu 15.11 at Handelsbeurs

  • Kalben original mix of folk, indie and acoustic pop / singersong writer/ inspired by Tom Waits and PJ Harvey.
  • Göksel Turkish pop music with a retro touch

Fri 16.11 at Handelsbeurs

  • Fasil with music, mezze and raki drinks

Sat 17.11 at De Centrale

Sun 18.11 at Handelsbeurs and De Centrale

  • Sunday morning concert with Incesaz / Turkish classical music
  • The festival creation Bright Bridges with gispy violist Tcha Limberger.
Published on Mon 22.10.18