Timetable Ha'fest

Ha’fest is a festival with concerts in de Handelsbeurs and on other locations. Ha'fest is also a carbon copy of what the Handelsbeurs represents: exceeding the boundaries in music.

This is Ha'fest:

  • festival creations in the toilets and on Kouter square,
  • soundscapes & jazz electro funk in the concert hall,
  • mesmerising drums & piano in the foyer,
  • exuberant dance in the bar,
  • echoing solos on the rear sundeck.

The programme

vr 28.04 Ha'fest: STUFF. (cd-release) / Hiele e.a.

za 29.04 Ha'fest: Illuminine, Carate Urio Orchestra, Yodok III e.a.

Published on Fri 14.04.17