The splendor of piano solos

Across genres, these artists create their own unique world with their instrument.

Drop by the Handelsbeurs for a series of quirky piano recitals. Three Sundays with each a different artist with their own approach, story and sound.

SUN 23.01.22 at 11h * Foyer Matinee: Tania Giannouli (piano solo)
Piano solo from classic, folk and jazz

Tania Giannouli is considered one of the young, original band leaders of the contemporary Greek jazz scene. From her classical background, she emerged as a band leader with a broad musical orientation with a great affection for jazz, improvisation and contemporary world music.

At the Handelsbeurs she will perform solo, with a prepared grand piano, a wonderful sense of beauty and a lot of individuality at the ready.

SUN 30.01.22 at 20h15 * DrummingCellist / Drago Ivanuša: 'La Bête Humaine'
Big shots from Ljubljana

The pianist and composer Drago Ivanuša is a bit like the Slovenian Peter Vermeersch (Flat Earth Society). He has composed for dance, theater and film and played with various bands. As a pianist he is inimitable. La Bête Humaine is one elongated breath, a magical tale.

SUN 06.02.22 at 11u * Foyer Matinee: Eve Beuvens (piano solo)
Sober impressionism and profound introspection

After recording in trio, quartet and septet, Eve Beuvens now resolutely opts for a solo album entitled Inner Geography. Eight songs that alternate between sober impressionism and profound introspection.

From her love for solo records and work by Herbie Hancock, Thelonious Monk and Claude Debussy, among others, she spins her own personal story.

Published on Mon 17.01.22