Andrew Bird, Daan Vandewalle, Tristan,... listen to the lastest additions to our calendar.

Sat 26.01 Kraakpand met o.a. Mortier
4 bands, 4 genres with on this edition Mortier, ESINAM, Echoes of Zoo and Ahmed Roni

Tue 26.02 Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance) Solo Tour
Intimate songs 

Mon 18.03 Foyer Soiree: Daan Vandewalle speelt Thomas Smetryns (cd-release) 
Music for births and a composition of Alvin Curran

Tue 02.04 Tristan: 'Delidoumia' (ep-release)
Ambient pop

Tue 23.04 Novastar: 'In The Cold Light Of Monday'
New pop songs

Tue 14.05 Tiny Legs Tim
Blues songs in de foyer

Wed 29.05 Brutus
New record with post rock

Mon 17.06 Andrew Bird
One man band with a new record 

Fri 18.10 The Van Jets
Second show * one of their last concerts

Published on Fri 07.12.18