A couple of new concerts were added to the calendar.

Sun 20.01 Foyer Matinee: Guy Van Nueten (cd-release) 
solo piano music

Sun 10.02  The Ex 40 years: 'Ethiopic Connections'
Legendary rock band with 13 Ethiopian musicians and acrobats

Sun 17.02  Foyer Matinee: Damast duo & Kapela Maliszòw
Arabic, Polisch and Balkan traditionals

Fri 22.02  Reena Riot: 'Nix' (cd-release)
Debute record * Between rock en roots

Sat 23.02  Myrddin & BOW (strijkkwartet)
Flamenco guitar & strings

Fri 05 & Sat 06.04  Belgian Jazz Now
festival * 8 x Belgian jazz talent

Published on Fri 23.11.18