Handelsbeurs reopens its doors

Welcome back from January on!

Cultural houses and movie theaters may reopen in January as decided at the latest consultation committee. Handelsbeurs warmly supports this decision. 

The concerts of January that were canceled before are back on sale. Only Soirée Harira can not take place because the time is to organise the event is too short. We are happy to welcome you again in the new year.

These concerts/events are back on sale: 

  • SUN 16.01 Zoete Zondag: Pieter-Jan De Smet
  • Fri 21.01 Liesa Van der Aa & One Trick Pony: 'Entre-Côtes'
  • SA 22.01 Brussels Jazz Orchestra ft. Osama Abdulrasol & Jahida Wehbe: 'Night 352'
  • SUN 23.01 Foyer Matinee: Tania Giannouli (piano solo)
  • WO 26.01 GingerBlackGinger

The original tickets stay valid. Ticketholders will receive a reminder from January 10 on. Thank you very much for your patience.

Published on Thu 23.12.21