7 x vocals

The voice is a flexible and ancient instrument, crossing genres. Listen to some remarkable vocalists within the programme.

Tue 22 11 2018 Jazzmeia Horn

Tue 20 12 2018 Lynn Cassiers: ‘Yun’

Fri 01 02 2019 Lucia Cadotsch

a classical clarity, a folk singer’s simplicity, and an appetite for performing very famous songs in the company of two edgy free-jazz instrumentalists (...) It’s all eerily beautiful.

Tue 28 03 2019 Aziza Brahim

Want more?

If you just can't get enough of vocalists, have a listen to Esther Lybeert from The Antler King, the Portuguese Cuca Roseta, soprane Katrien Baerts, Belgian pride Axelle Red,...  

Published on Wed 27.06.18