4 x ode to John Zorn - new names

We added two concerts to the Masada tour.

The Stone goes to Europe

Since 1994, the jazz legend John Zorn has combined free jazz with Jewish music under the heading Masada. This now amounts to more than 600 compositions performed by the finest jazz players. 

For John Zorn’s 65th birthday, once a month, a band from his legendarisch club The Stone will come to Europe to hold an exclusive mini tour.

The Stone goes to Europe will land at Handelsbeurs four times. 

Thu 11.10.18 Brian Marsella Trio

Brian Marsella Trio recorded the 31st album of The Book of Angels, Buer (2017). The music refers to Satie and Bach as well as Horace Silver and Bill Evans.

Live the band will present their journey through Masada and other works by the New York guru.

Brian Marsella (piano), Trevor Dunn (bass), Kenny Wollesen (drums)

Fri 09.11.18 Secret Chiefs 3

Secret Chiefs 3 will play a selection of their album Xaphan, Book of Angels Volume 9. The band has now been appealing to the imagination for more than twenty years. You can confidently call them the most elusive avant-garde band.

Trey Spruance (guitar), Jason Schimmel (guitar), Matt Lebofsky (keyboards), Eyvind Kang (violin), Shanir Blumenkranz (bass), Ches Smith (drums), Kenny Grohowski (drums)

NEW Fri 22.03.19 Uri Caine (piano solo)

Pianist Uri Cain will play Moloch (2006), volume 6 from The Book of Angels.

Virtuosic and soulful, this volume of material from Masada Book Two is an absolute tour-de-force. Fifteen musical miniatures by one of the world’s greatest piano virtuosos

NEW Wed 17.04.19 Sofia Rei & J.C. Maillard

In an unique project for voice and saz bass, longtime collaborators Sofia Rei and JC Maillard offer a superbly intimate and introspective study of acclaimed source material of John Zorn. 

They will perform Keter, the first volume of The Book Beriah.

Published on Mon 01.10.18