Zwerm & Post uit Hessdalen: ‘Echo’


Music theatre based on the myth of Echo

The Zwerm guitar quartet and the Post uit Hessdalen collective are going in search of the echoes of a human life. This is a multimedia production with live music, restless soundscapes and an extraordinary video stage setting.

The story

It starts – as ever – with two lovers. She has a charming voice and he is pleasing to the eye. If only he, Narcissus, had looked back more often at her, Echo, instead of looking at himself, then there would have been no ‘but’. But the love of a couple that prefers their own voice or likeness to that of their partner is doomed.

To cut a long story short, Narcissus pines away from hunger and thirst beside his own eternally elusive reflection in the water; and Echo is torn apart and scattered like seeds all over the world, where she forever echoes her heartfelt cry in mountains, gullies and caves. Echo – as though the mountains were answering back.

At Handelsbeurs

Echo is the first co-creation by Post uit Hessdalen and Zwerm. Together they go in search of the resonances, associations and memories that lie hidden in the places where Echo ended up.

In line with their own preferences for image and sound, they reunite the two lovers Echo and Narcissus on stage. Music and video are presented live on stage, thus immersing the audience in an intriguing collection of earthly echoes.

In the framework of festival Opera XXI

Stijn Grupping, Ine Van Baelen, Lucas Van Haesbroeck, Toon Callier, Kobe Van Cauwenberghe, Johannes Westendorp & Bruno Nelissen (concept & creation), Zwerm (live music), Charlotte Goesaert (dance), Johan Vandermaelen (sound design & sound engineering), Linse Van Gool (costumes), Karolien Verlinden (coach movement), Britt De Jonghe (production), Klein Verzet (management), deSingel (co-producer), with thanks to wpZimmer, LOD, De Grote Post & Walpurgis, with the support of Vlaamse Overheid, Provincie Antwerpen and Stad Antwerpen

Extra info

'Echo' is a co creation of Post uit Hessdalen and Zwerm
Toon Callier, Johannes Westendorp, Bruno Nelissen, Kobe van Cauwenberghe (guitar)
Post uit Hessdalen
Stijn Grupping, Ine Van Baelen (video)

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