Zonzo Compagnie: ‘Thelonious’

during the day
for kids

Music theatre

Following the success of Mile(s)tones, Zonzo Compagnie is turning its attention to another jazz legend: the pianist Thelonius Monk. 

With live music and video, they lead children of six and over through his eventful life, as fitful as it was brilliant.

A clip of Mile(s)tones:

A production by Zonzo Compagnie in coproduction with Handelsbeurs, Krokusfestival, KAAP and De Grote Post. With the support of Flanders.

Image © Nele Fack

Extra info

First show
Second show
Fulco Ottervanger (keys), Lieven Van Pée (bass), Simon Segers (drums), Nele Fack (video, animation)

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