UMM / Yùrt (ep-release)

contagious, subdued
pop / rock / songs


With Yúrt Brecht Plasschaert (Marble Sounds, Yuko) presents a new Ghent based band with a lot of potential, with only all star pop and jazz musicians. Sounds like Granddaddy, the Notwist, Sufjan Stevens, Why? and Four Tet. 


UMM serves pop music with a lot of indie spices. 

photo © Alexander Meeus
in coproduction with Democrazy


Lise Daelemans (voice, keys), Roos Denayer (voice, keys), Hanne Vandekerckhove (voice, bass), Jonas Everaert (guitar), Brent Buckler (drums)
Thomas Oosterlinck (voice // Amongster), Rob Banken (clarinet), Steven Delannoye (bass clarinet), Brecht Plasschaert (keys // Yuko, Marble Sounds), Thomas Mortier (bass // Yuko, Ministers van de Noordzee, Mortier,...), ​Mattijs Vanderleen (drums // Marble Sounds, B.O.X, Tommigun)​

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