Uma Chine for young ears (6+)

pop / rock / songs
for kids (6+)

The band will present its new record to adults at 8.15 pm. Read more.

Uma Chine: 'Changes'

Uma Chine is a gigantic woman who sends magical-realistic stories out into the world. In this short yet spectacular set for children, they will find themselves floating in dreamy piano soundscapes and layered voices.

Uma Chine

OOR foresaw this as a “Wonderful debut”, while Focus Knack, amongst others, has also praised the group's frontwoman Nele De Gussem. HUMO put Uma Chine forward as "one of the unmissable acts for 2020", landing the band in the finals of Humo's Rock Rally that year.

The group has already performed in Belgium for an aftershow of dEUS and actively touring abroad in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland since the release of their debut.

Angelo Badalamenti (Twin Peaks) on a diet of electric guitars and ethereal female voices.

De Standaard

photo (c) Carmen De Vos

Programme of the day

16u00 - 16u45 Uma Chine interactive concert
Nele De Gussem (vocals, guitar), Rana Holail Mohamed (vocals), Sherien Holail Mohamed (vocals), Simon Raman (drums), Gilles Vandecaveye-Pinoy (keys), Nils Vermeulen (bass)
With paint and brushes
After the concert
Pancakes available in the foyer

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