The Heliocentrics

jazz, pop / rock / songs

There's a change of venue for the concert of The Heliocentrics. The concert will no longer take place at Handelsbeurs concert hall but at Charlatan.

Bought tickets stay valid. Ticketprizes stay the same.


74 Miles Away - 21uh00, The Heliocentrics - 22h00.

The Heliocentrics is a nine-piece collective from London, whose fans include The Gaslamp Killer, Jamie Cullum, Quantic, Madlib and many many more. Until recently, the band owed a large part of its reputation to collaborations with renowned artists like DJ Shadow, The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Lloyd Miller and Mulatu Astatke. In 2009 they made a mesmerizing appearance with the latter in a sold-out Minnemeers.

In 2009, the collective released its debut album Out There: an exciting mix of funk, Afrobeat jazz and psychedelica. This year, they released their notoriously difficult sophomore record. With its combinations of musique concrète, latin, jazz and afrobeat, and audible Sun Ra, Can and The Velve Underground influence, 13 Degrees of Reality isn’t shy of experimentation. It’s a mix that only impressive live bands can pull off. The Gaslamp Killer was immediately convinced and even released its own, warped version of the album, entitled 'The Gaslamp Killer vs. The Heliocentrics'.

No matter how many trends or genres you try to label them with, The Heliocentrics always evade classification. In their quirky universe, they unite The Velvet Underground with afro beats, krautrock and 70ies soundtracks by the likes of Ennio Morriocone. Music for the body as well as for the brain. Consider yourself warned!


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