The Ex 40 years: 'Ethiopic Connections'

pop / rock / songs, world music

Legendary rock band with Ethiopian twist 

The Ex celebrates its 40th anniversary and celebrates exuberantly. What sprang from punk in 1979 has since then sprinted towards jazz, African music and noise rock.

They climb the stage with the Ethiopian band Fendika and a bunch of acrobats from Circus Debre Berhan.

Staying a bird, staying independent, free if you will, for three decades, that takes skill and something else, something more like heart.

Muziekjournalist John Corbett



20u15 Circus Debre Berhan
21u00 Fendika
21u45 The Ex
22u30 All together
23u30 End

The Ex
Katherina Bornefeld (drums, vocals), Andy Moor (guitar), Terrie Hessels (guitar), Arnold de Boer (vocals, guitar)
Wude ‘Nardos’ Tesfaw (vocals), Melaku Belay (dance), Meselu ‘Mesay’ Abebaye (kobero drums), Habtamu Yeshambel (masinko), Sentayehu ‘Bita Mane’ Tadesse (krar), Emebet Woldetsdik (dance), Elias Ahmed (vocals)
Circus Debre Berhan
Worku Bekele, Tizeta Yehualashet, Beza Girma, Solomon Assefa, Yisak Kibebe, Teklu Ashagir

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