Stephan Crump’s Rosetta Trio / Lara Rosseel band (cd-release)

contagious, subdued
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Smooth jazz

  • Grammy nominated Stephan Crump and two fantastic guitar players // all string trio
  • They present their fourth album Outliers (2019)

Ethnic acoustic jazz

  • Belgian bass player Lara Rosseel with her own band 
  • Filmic jazz with African roots 

a declaration of increased proportions, a culmination of superior interplay, chemistry, delicacy and vision

Downbeat on Rosetta Trio ★★★★1/2

photo © James Nathan Letterman


Stephan Crump’s Rosetta Trio
Liberty Ellman (acoustic guitar), Jamie Fox (electric guitar), Stephan Crump (acoustic bass)
Lara Rosseel band
Jan Van Moer (bugle), Stefan Bracaval (bass flute, traverso), Frederik Heirman (trombone), Joppe Bestevaar (baritone sax), Robbe Kieckens (percussion), Jan-Sebastiaan (guitar), Sep François (vibraphone, marimba, percussion), Lara Rosseel (double bass, composition)

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€8 for students

Iranian melodies and the baroque


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