Soirée Harira

world music / flamenco / fado


Just like the eponymous Moroccan soup, Soirée Harira presents a rich mixture of musical flavours and colours, all of which are abundantly present in Ghent. On stage will be musicians and dancers who live and work in Ghent, each with his or her own style and cultural background.

Kurdish chants alternate with Azerbaijani percussion, a touch of flamenco, and Indian Bollywood instrumentals. Alongside this, dynamic young performers present contemporary choreography set to live music. Expect an evening with music and dance from global Ghent, with delicious canapés in the foyer.


Hafla is an ensemble comprised of Ghent-based artists and newcomers/refugees. They take it in turns to sing and play songs from a variety of cultures. Rapper Mr. Negenduust Fatih and soullady Aminata will accompany them in creating their Urban art.

Equalis is a group of talented young dancers from Antwerp who have created a contemporary dance performance set to choreography by Samir Bichat, with instrumental accompaniment.

Jolyne is a young singer from Brussels with a golden voice. Her inspiration comes from French and Dutch chansons from Brel, Ramses Shafi, Piaf etc.


From 17h till 20h you can order food at the foyer (East African and Syrian kitchen)

Savory snacks - ca. 3 euros
Complete meal - ca. 7 euros


The Flemish knowledge centre Demos previously supported the festival ‘De Gentse Lente’. The première of Soirée Harira in the Handelsbeurs marks the start of a national tour.

‘’Flemish’ society has changed. For decades now, our society has included artists with non-Western forms of expression and frames of reference. However these artists are seldom given the opportunity to perform and develop their own creations on stage. It’s high time we recognised and embraced this cultural diversity.'Demos

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