Schumann Quartett (string quartet)


Creative with fugues

Together with the violist Liisa Randalu, the Schuman brothers like focusing on the modern repertoire. Since 2012 they have attracted our attention with recordings of Toru Takemitsu, Charles Ives and Arvo Pärt.

In this extraordinary programme they lace together a series of fugues, from Bach to Glass.

Photo © Kaupo Kikkas


J.S. Bach/W.A. Mozart, F. Mendelssohn, A. Webern, P. Glass et al.
A bundling of fugues, original or reworked for a string quartet.
L. Janáček
String Quartet nr. 2 ‘Intimate Letters’ (1928)
G. Gershwin
Lullaby for String Quartet (1919)
Schumann Quartett
Erik Schumann, Ken Schumann (violin), Liisa Randalu (viola), Mark Schumann (cello)

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