Rocío Márquez: 'Visto en El Jueves' (vocals)

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"The voice of a new generation of cante jondo singers"

Delay is not adjustment, not even because of a specific pandemic. We welcome the Andalusian Rocío Márquez, known as the 'Star of the South'. This has everything to do with her extraordinary flamenco voice: soft and versatile with a wide palette of emotions.

In addition to delicate interpretations of the classic flamenco repertoire, this true artist also likes to push the boundaries of the genre, with forays into rock, electro and the improv scene. She presents her fifth studio album Visto en El Jueves, where she blurs the boundaries between cante and song.

Rocío Márquez has been building a solid artistic career for more than ten years. Since she won the prestigious Lámpara Minera Award in 2008, her voice has spread throughout Europe. Today she is a leading light in the flamenco scene.

Márquez has become one of the undisputed stars of contemporary cante jondo (…) She transcends labels and is one of Spain’s great artistic personalities.

Nacho Ruiz, Metrópoli

A new demonstration of exceptional elegance. A mosaic of emotions captured with patience, attention to detail, and a know-how that confirms her as a master of her craft.

Marcos Gendre,

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Rocío Márquez (vocals), Canito (guitar), Agustín Diassera (percussion)

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