Robin Verheyen & Marc Copland


The concert by Robin Verheyen with greats Marc Copland, Gary Peacock and Joey Baron at Jazz Middelheim 2013 should be used as his move to the Premier League of modern jazz. The sequel to that takes the form of a joint concert with pianist Copland. The pianist Augusto Pirodda who also played with Peacock, will introduce his new quartet in the opening act. A coproduction with JazzLab Series.


Born in the Kempen region of Flanders, Verheyen moved to New York years ago to further improve his skills and forge new alliances. His efforts yielded impressive results, with his Middelheim concert as the crowning achievement. With the lyrically minded Copland he played a series of critically acclaimed concerts in the United States. At last, the duo will bring their work and their hits to Belgium.

Robin Verheyen (soprano and tenor sax), Marc Copland (piano)


Augusto Pirodda is a finely tuned stylist with the ability to switch to a less predictable style. To achieve this impressive feat, he surrounds himself with the ideal band, featuring one of the most solid rhythm sections in the region. The lineup also includes sax player Ben Sluijs, gifted with just about the most beautiful tone in the Low Countries.

Augusto Pirodda (piano), Ben Sluijs (alto sax), Manolo Cabras (double bass), Marek Patrman (drums)

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