Rachel Podger (violin) & Brecon Baroque: ‘Rosary Sonatas’

€8 for students

A compelling story

Biber’s Rosary Sonatas are the particular domain of the virtuoso violinist. The British baroque violinist Rachel Podger unleashes her incredible technique on this challenge. Her Brecon Baroque ensemble provides a richly coloured and varied accompaniment.


H.I.F. Biber
Rosary Sonatas (1674) (selection)
J.J. Froberger
Toccata in d minor
A. Piccinini
Toccata XIII
Brecon Baroque
Rachel Podger (baroque violin), Daniele Caminit (lute), Marcin Swiatkiewicz (harpsichord)
To make chamber music of that periode sound in appropriate circumstances, the concert hall is transformed into a "Club Baroque", a cozy salon with tables and unnumbered chairs.

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