Olla Vogala: ‘Fellah Mengus’

world music
€8 for students

‘Fellah Mengus’ is an ancient Arabic expression for a wanderer who after a time settles down. The term gradually evolved into the word ‘flamenco’. In this new production, the Olla Vogala orchestra joins forces with well-established flamenco musicians for a high-spirited concert. Cross-fertilisation between nomads.

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Wouter Vandenabeele (violin, artistic leader), Alexander Gavilan (flamenco guitar), Elias Bachoura (oud), Shalan Alhamwy (violin), Inès Garcia (flamenco dancer), Carmen Fernandez (vocals), Lode Vercampt (cello), Marc De Maeseneer (baritone sax), Frederik Heirman (trombone), Luc Vanden Bosch (drums, percussion), Joris Vanvinckenroye (double bass), Guido Declercq, Elza Jeanty (nomadic water carriers)

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