Nordmann (cd-release)

jazz, pop / rock / songs

New album: The Boiling Ground

Nordmann slaloms effortlessly between the worlds of rock, jazz and musical experiment. Following their highly acclaimed debut Alarm! (2014), they are now launching their second, called The Boiling Ground.

Sounds like

Nordman continues with its successful blend of sultry jazz, its very own brand of rock ‘n roll, expressionist grooves and nocturnal minimalism.

The Boiling Ground was mean to be an album truly by the band, which resulted in greater cohesion in which every beat, cry, growl and incision was given its own appropriate place.

© Sammy Slabbinc


Mattias De Craene (sax), Edmund Lauret (guitar), Dries Geusens (bass) en Elias Devoldere (drums)

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