Luisa Palicio

world music

Born in Estepona (Malaga), the 30-year old Luisa Palicio has been a passionate flamenco dancer since she turned 13. She learned her craft from one of the grand priestesses of the Sevilian School, Milagros Mengibar, who can be considered her artistic mother. This school focuses on aesthetics, discipline and style. The ‘bata de cola’ – the graceful movement of the tail of the flamenco dress – plays a central role in this method.

Luisa Palicio’s performances are classic, but as spectacular, dynamic and sensual as those of her contemporaries. She is accompanied by a magnificent ‘cuadro’ with voice and guitar. For the concert in the Handelsbeurs, she is accompanied by guest danser Saïdjah Galo. About this Lady, a prominent Belgian performer once said:

"Flamenco makes me think of character, of temperament, of soul, and that is what is combined in Saïdjah Galo. But she offers even more, with her fresh beauty, served on a bed of grace, and believe me: it makes you look up."

Luisa Palicio (dancer), Juan Reina en Jesus Corbacho (vocals), Rafael Rodriguez (guitar), Saïdjah Galo (guest dancer)

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