Lionel Beuvens Quartet / Splashgirl



Ghent-based drummer Lionel Beuvens’ newly founded quartet consists of strong musical personalities from all over Europe, who contrast and complement each other at the same time. These dynamics are thoroughly reflected in the music, as groove and melody alternately take the spotlight. The musicians explore influences as diverse as African music, Radiohead, Steve Coleman, Count Basie, John Coltrane and Bach. Beuvens’ trademark crisp drumming style – which has earned him collaborations with renowned jazz bands like Vaya Con Dios, Steven Delannoye Trio, Peter Hertmans Quartet, Fabrice Alleman Quartet and many more – is the common thread throughout the entire performance.

At age twelve, Beuvens was introduced to jazz music by Antoine Cirri and Nathalie Loriers and received his master’s degree from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. Now that he has finally established his own ensemble, this talented musician is heading for the top of the European jazz scene.

Lionel Beuvens (drums, compositions) - Manolo Cabras (double bass) - Alexi Tuomarila (piano) - Kalevi Louhivuori (trumpet)


Norwegian jazz band Splashgirl dwells in the borderlands between jazz, ambient rock and contemporary music. The result? Atmospheric music without an inch of corniness, with magnificent, awe-inducing soundscapes. No wonder Uncut Magazine called their last album Pressure an “instant classic. A master class in spatial awareness, dynamics and emotion.” For Jazzman, it was one of the ten best albums of 2012.

Andreas Stensland Løwe (piano/electronics), Jo Berger Myhre (double bass/tone generator) and Andreas Lønmo Knudsrød (drums/percussion/sounds)

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