Liesa Van der Aa: 'Easy Alice' (albumrelease) ◉ livestream

jazz, pop / rock / songs

This is an online event. With your ticket you can (re)watch the concert up to two days after the event.

Eclectic funk 

Easy Alice  is a record and also a movie. It is a history and also a fragment, complex and relevant at the same time. Easy access, or maybe not? 

The new project Easy Alice sounds like eclectic funk, like a kaleidoscopic encounter between Kafka and Britney Spears, a conversation between PJ Harvey and Eminem, a duet between Bill Withers and Missy Elliot. 

Short film I Can’t Go Back to Yesterday

You can watch this short film for free from 19 to 25 March via this link (log in first), as a preview and addition to the concert.

"I Cant Go Back to Yesterday” is a manifesto, an experimental cross-over music film, connected to the conceptual music album EASY ALICE. Both creations reflect on sovereignty, narcissism, isolation, seclusion, schizophrenia, gender balance and the desire for detachment. It researches the encounter between the world of Kafka, Alice in Wonderland, PJ Harvey, Eminem and Nietzsche. 

The film script is based on diverse interviews with iconic figures as David Bowie, Paolo Pasolini, Donald Trump, Prince, Grace Jones, Leonard Cohen and Roy Cohn.

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photo © David Wiliamson


Easy Alice
Liesa Van der Aa (voice, violin), Dries Laheye (bass), Niels Broos (keys), Lander Gyselinck (drums)
I.a.w. Niels Broos, Dries Laheye, Lander Gyselinck, Elisabeth De Loore, David Williamson and Baloji

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