Lara Rosseel Quintet / Mòs Ensemble (albumreleases)

jazz, pop / rock / songs, global sounds

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Lara Rosseel Quintet (album release)

At the beginning of 2020, Lara Rosseel was the surprise of the Belgian jazz scene with her album De Grote Vrouw, with her often exotically tinged compositions and a sumptuous septet balanced on that enviable boundary between mystery and recognisability.

Now she continues her journey of conquest with a young quintet and a new repertoire with which she can give all those assets a new direction.

The Quintet

Rosseel takes care of the foundation of the compositions herself, with organic soul that is her own. Trumpeter Sam Vloemans is equally at home in jazz that beckons to exotic places.

Guitarist Vitja Pauwels is one of the striking young voices, a guitarist of wonderful textures, while Sep François, once on tour with Ifa Y Xango via JazzLab, provides unusual sounds with vibraphone/marimba. The wild card is percussionist Angelo Moustapha, the final piece of this imaginative line-up.

The new album will be released in the spring of 2022 on W.E.R.F. record.

Mòs Ensemble (album release)

If Limbs (2019) could count as a declaration of intent by Kobe Boon and his followers, then the band will dive into the almost endless possibilities for its new album. This new album preserves the opulence of its predecessor, but digs deeper, dances more frivolously and fiddles more eagerly at the seams.

With the arrival of the eighth band member Roos Denayer (vocals, guitar) the potential and reach are further expanded. The new richness shimmers, confuses, impresses and excites.

Sounds like

Vocals, text and music form a riotous alliance, constantly engaged in an entwined exploration. Folk, jazz, pop and chamber music are given electronic embellishments, added layer by layer and then dismantled again to build up a unified trance and then to play it off abrasively against each other.

The most fascinating music not only gives the listener recognition, but also opens new doors. That's exactly what happens here. The band's second album is a brave dive, a generous immersion and an open invitation. Jumping is the message.

The new album will be released on W.E.R.F. in February 2022. record.

Image (c) Lara Gasparotto + Cecilia Valagussa


Lara Rosseel Quintet
Lara Rosseel (bass), Vitja Pauwels (guitar), Sep François (vibraphone, marimba), Sam Vloemans (trumpet), Angelo Moustapha (percussion)
Mòs Ensemble
Astrid Creve (vocals, banjoline), Marta Del Grandi (vocals), Roos Denayer (vocals, guitar), Ambroos Deschepper (sax), Benjamin Hermans (sax, clarinet), Artan Buleshkaj (guitar), Kobe Boon (double bass), Simon Raman (drums)

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