Kosmo Sound: 'Antenna' (albumrelease)

pop / rock / songs

Kosmo Sound transports you to sweaty clubs where the bass is lord and master. The Ghent
act from the youngest generation of Belgian jazz bands is inspired by dub and combines a
sultry sound with awesome, slick grooves. They perform their long-awaited début album

An organisation of Democrazy and Handelsbeurs Concert Hall
photo © Jeroen Goddemaer


Kosmo Sound
Mattias Geernaert (Julien Firmin, His Trust Fund, SUMI - bass), Marius Couvreur (Madame Blavatsky, RVB Quartet - drums), Edmund Lauret (Nordmann, FUR, The Milk Factory - guitar), Ambroos De Schepper (Boogie Belgique, Bandler Ching, Mos Ensemble - saxophone), Cyriel Vandenabeele (Okkupeerder, SUMI, FUR - guitar), Bos Debusscher (The Congos, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry - keys)

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