[ˈkɑːmos] / Rembrandt Frerichs Trio & Kayhan Kalhor (kemenche)



In [ˈkɑːmos] the Finnish singer Aino Peltomaa and bass player Nathan Wouters explore concepts such as light and darkness through the endless possibilities of their instrument. It results in delicate, fragile acoustic textures or just overwhelming spectral soundscapes.

Rembrandt Frerichs Trio

Since Rembrandt Frerichs and the Iranian Kayhan Kalhor met in 2013, they have combined successful collaboration with a deep friendship. This led to It’s Still Autumn, a two-part album that combines eye-catching instruments in an exotic international sound.

Extra info

Rembrandt Frerichs (fortepiano), Kayhan Kalhor (kemenche), Tony Overwater (violone), Vinsent Planjer (drums, percussion)

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