Kaat De Windt Project: 'Princess for President'

pop / rock / songs, jazz


princess4president is a project by pianist/composer Kaat De Windt, bass player Mirko Banovic, drummer Etienne Plumer and singers Naomi Sijmons and Annelies Van Dinter.

The colourful pop and jazz arrangements created by the rhythm section form the basis of the headstrong universe that Kaat De Windt’s compositions populate.

Free jazz forms and minimal pop acquire the warmth of gospel and desert blues without forfeiting rawness.

In the Handelsbeurs

The socially committed lyrics of Elvis Peeters (among others), the enveloping voices of singers Naomi Sijmons (aka Reena Riot) and Annelies Van Dinter (Echo Beatty), the grooves and palate of sounds by bass player Mirko Banovic (Arno, Arsenal), the delicate and tribal percussion of Etienne Plumer (Rêve d’Eléphant, Animus Anima) and the headstrong keys of Kaat De Windt result in true musical gems.

Lyrics of Elvis Peeters are dutch spoken.


Kaat De Windt (piano, rhodes, compositie), Naomi Sijmons (zang, gitaar) & Annelies Van Dinter (zang, gitaar, arrangement), Michel Hatzigeorgiou (bas), Etienne Plumer (drums, arrangement drums)
Michel Hatzigeorgiou (AKA Moon) vervangt Mirko Banovic op bas
Boekhandel Paard Van Troje verkoopt na het concert in de foyer boeken van Elvis Peeters.
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