Istanbul Ekspres: Fasil

world music

There are only a limited amount of tickets available, and only via a festival pass for the whole festival. This costs 30 euro.

In this fasil concert you can, by tradition, enjoy delicious mezze and raki – Turkish appetizers and the Turkish national drink. Seats are limited, so book early.

Fasıl night with İstanbul Roman Şen Grup

During the Ottoman period, fasıl resounded in Turkish palaces and wealthy houses. Nowadays, this light classical music can mainly be heard in Istanbul restaurants. Because there is no fasil without rakitable.

This musical food evening can not be missed during Istanbul Ekspres. This edition adds extra ambiance to Roma musicians and dancers.

i.a.w. De Centrale

photo © Steven Hendrix


Istanbul Roman Sen Grup
Sedat Kemaci (violin, voice), Ahmet Durak (oed, voice), Bilal Kizillar (kanun, voice), Ergun Uçar (clarinet), Hayri Üstev (darboeka, voice), Füruze (belly dancer)

within the framework of

Istanbul Ekspres

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