Inside Out: What I feel is what you get (dance) ◉ livestream

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A haunting, fragile dance performance

What you see outside of a person is often not what’s happening . Strong expectations of success in our present-day society repress any form of failure, leading to a widespread climate of very stressful people suffering from burnout, depression, panic disorders and dissatisfaction. A lot of young people have difficulties to keep their head up nowadays. Because it’s still very taboo for the >span class="il">outside world, it is time to open up the taboos by having conversations with (young) people, to raise awareness about this sensitive matter through art. 

In this project, we deal with the deepest and darkest emotions that arise from panic disorders. With the use of shadows, blurry images, rare movements and contrasts we try to create an honest and genuine piece of work, that reflect personal experiences with messages of social relevance. 

photo © Laure-Anne Iserief

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Inside Out: What I feel is what you get
Vitja Pauwels (guitar, music), Lucas Lebrun (visuals, music, lights), Myrte Vandeweerd (dance, performance)
De Spil Roeselare (coproducer), Annelies Vancraeynest (dramaturgy), with thanks to Champdaction De Singel, Walpurgis Antwerpen and De Spil Roeselare

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