Ha'fest: Illuminine, Carate Urio Orchestra, Yodok III et al.

powerful, subdued
pop / rock / songs, jazz
during the day
€7 for students

Ha’fest is a festival with concerts in de Handelsbeurs and on other locations. Ha'fest is also a carbon copy of what the Handelsbeurs represents: exceeding the boundaries in music.

The programme

Day 1 - Fri 28.04 STUFF. (cd-release)
Day 2 - Sat 29.04 Illuminine, Carate Urio Orchestra, Yodok III et al.

Carate Urio Orchestra (lp-release)

Saxophone and clarinettist Joachim Badenhorst has been active in the experimental and improvised music scene in Europe and abroad for the past 15 years, building an impressive international network.

With the Carate Urio Orchestra he brought together some of his closest collaborators hailing from the improvised jazz world to create music that find its audience far outside jazz, improvisation and experimental music. The group melds together free improvisation with influences from art rock to noise.

At Ha'fest they will introduce their new lp Garlic and Jazz, together with American trumpet player Jacob Wick.

Illuminine (cd-release)

In the silence of the night, Kevin Imbrechts awoke as Illuminine. Alone in his bedroom, surrounded by a guitar, a handful of style effects pedals, and toy synthesizers.

A mere two years after releasing ‘#1’, his debut self-recorded album that he finished with Birgir Jon Birgisson (Sigur Ros, Violent Femmes, …), and the side project ‘Daghraven’ (produced by Valgeir Sigurðsson), Kevin returns with the follow-up ‘#2’ in 2017. Again recorded himself in Leuven, and finished at Sundlaugin with Birgisson.

The record expands the universe Imbrechts created on his debut, with a more dynamic and sometimes apocalyptical feel.

Yodok III

Yodok III is the exciting collaboration between Norwegians Tomas Järmyr (also Zu, Barchan), Kristoffer Lo and the Belgian minimal ambient artist Dirk Serries (also Microphonics, Fear Falls Burning, VidnaObmana, …).

Their work has been released on Tonefloat’s acclaimed New Wave of Jazz series. To coincide with their appearance on the Roadburn Festival in 2016, Ghent based label Consouling Sounds released Legion of Radiance.

This album consisted of one monolithic track of atmospheric, mysterious and utterly engaging free improv drones. Truly an impressive collaboration between Järmyr’s unique drumming, Lo’s deep-toned tuba sounds and Serries’s guitar drones and effects. It keeps you in its grip, as the music twists and turns and keeps on challenging the listener.

Liesa Van der Aa

Villeclopedy is a composition written by Liesa Van der Aa, inspired by the tone and meaning of sounds in a city: a sound universe of passers-by, market places, trams, drills and traffic. She engages in a dialogue with this constant audiophonic experience and the constantly-being-on-the-move, forcing a standstill.

Music as an attempt to achieve silence and tranquility: an old memory of space and vast fields, against the speed of people passing by.

Liesa Van der Aa (concept & composition), One Trick Pony (string quartet)

Starting on the 28th and onwards you can enjoy a brand new composition by Liesa Van der Aa during your toilet visit in the Handelsbeurs. Loo Tunes is a mix of contemporary baroque music, soft kitchenette jazz, drug songs and easy-listening abstract music. Withdraw to the smallest room and have a listen.

Sarie Van der Aa (concept), Liesa Van der Aa (composition), One Trick Pony (string quartet)

Marcin Masecki

Marcin Masecki is a native of Warsaw, pianist, conductor, composer and entrepreneur. He runs or is a member of a plethora of projects within a wide range of styles. His virtuosic fusion of seemingly opposing genres as well as the blurring of borders between high art and entertainment have become his trademarks.

While being a classical musician he also has a jazz side. He has been leading a traditional big band for the last four years, playing his own arrangements of swing music for dance parties. Recently a mini version, namely a duet with drummer Jerzy Rogiewicz, has been presenting and older type of ragtime (with a modern edge) to great acclaim.

Mattias De Craene

Ghentian saxophone player Mattias De Craene plays with Manngold de Cobre, FES, Nordmann and Yves Peetes Group. He is a musician with a special interest in projects with a lot of improvisations. At Ha'fest he plays solo.

More bands t.b.a.!


Tomas Järmyr (drums), Kristoffer Lo (tuba, flugabone), Dirk Serries (elektrische gitaar)

Voor fans van Consouling Sounds & A Winged Victory for the Sullen

Carate Urio Orchestra (lp-release)
Joachim Badenhorst / BE (rieten), Sean Carpio / IRE (drums, gitaar, zang), Sam Kulik / US (trombone, gitaar, zang), Jacob Wick / US (trompet), Pascal Niggenkemper / DE (contrabas), Brice Soniano / FR (contrabas) Nico Roig (ES)- gitaar

Voor fans van The Cinematic Orchestra, psychedelische ambient & jazz

Illuminine (cd-release)
Kevin Imbrechts (gitaar), Christophe Vandewoude (piano), Mathijs Bertel (viool, samples), Beatrijs De Klerck (viool), Tine Anthonis (cello), Robby Govaerts (gitaar), Dirk Timmermans (trompet)

Voor fans van Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm

'Villeclopedie' van Liesa Van der Aa
One Trick Pony (strijkkwartet), Sarie Van der Aa (concept), Liesa Van der Aa (compositie)

Voor fans van melancholische soundscapes

Joachim Badenhorst solo (rieten)

Voor fans van jazz & impro

Mattias De Craene I (saxen)

Voor fans van jazz & impro

Marcin Masecki (piano), Jerzy Rogiewicz (drums)

Voor fans van geschifte jazz op valse piano's

Karen Willems (drums), Eric Thielemans (drums)

Voor fans van Inwolves, Yuko, soundscapes

'Breathing' en 'Two women and a drummer' van Ballets Confidentiels
Johanne Saunier & Ine Claes (dans), Joao Lobo (drums)

Voor fans van hedendaagse dans met een hoek af

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